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Top 7 Best Students’ Apps for Writing

Top 7 Best Students’ Apps for Writing

In recent times, education has exposed students to various writing assignments and other school activities that would require them to write, irrespective of their field of study. It is not strange to find students with basic level understanding and advanced learning problems seeking solutions to writing problems from apps, websites, and personal tutors. Most of the mobile applications do not just build skills, but they are also good ways of helping students get work done without spending.


When it comes to schoolwork, your notes are one of your most important companions and Evernote is a mobile app that ensures the safety and efficiency of notes. Designed not just for taking notes, with Evernote, you can organize current events, manage, and archive tasks. The many features that the app offers are not limited to students alone. It can also be used as a workspace for teachers when making simple lesson plans. 

Evernote does not just keep text notes, it allows images, drawings, voice notes, and even web content to be stored as well. For students looking to get this app, Evernote is available on all Android, iOS, macOS, and Microsoft Windows devices. The app is free but comes with a monthly usage limit. These limits can be extended with paid plans.


This is another great source of help that has been featured in many “Best Apps for Writing” publications and blogs around the world. It makes use of Artificial Intelligence via Language Processing to give you one of the most accurate grammar checkers currently in existence. 

Grammarly comes with many features such as a grammar/ spelling checker and plagiarism detector. This app does not just point out errors but it also gives suggestive corrections with words, phrases, punctuation, tones, and styles. What makes it one of the best writing apps is that you don’t have to leave your workspace while using Grammarly. All services are provided as you write and keep up with the changes or grammatical mistakes you make.

Grammarly comes highly recommended by many professionals for writing any type of article— formal and informal. It is also highly recommended that students get this app for their assignments and essays as it is one of the most suitable writing software.

Google Docs

While working on writing projects and group assignments, there is a need to create an efficient environment for collaborative efforts, where multiple individuals can work together on a single article. That being said, I would like to introduce Google Docs to you. One of the completely free web and mobile applications out there. It allows students to create and edit files on a multi-user interface. 

Users can be assigned roles such as Admin, Editor, Commentator, etc and this allows effective file management and article preparation. The Google docs application is available on Android, iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry devices.


This is one of the best writing apps for editing. The app has the ability to detect lengthy sentences and common errors. It makes use of colour-coded highlights for its functions. 

Yellow means your sentence is too long so you need to make corrections by either dividing it into two or erasing a part of it; Red means the sentence is very bulky or complex, making it overwhelming and cumbersome for your readers, therefore, you have to edit it until the colour is removed; Purple means a particular word is too long or complicated for the sentence, and if you move your mouse over the highlighted word, the app outlines more suitable options to choose from poorly chosen adverbs and phrases turn blue. Green means that the sentence is written in a passive way.

With these features at the disposal of the student, Hemingway helps students improve paragraph formation skills, craft simple and yet informative sentences. In a nutshell, with Hemingway, you can be sure of credible content.

iA Writer

When working on an assignment on your mobile device, you are prone to be distracted by either pop-ups, or different interesting tools on the app, or a lot of other applications running on the phone, such as social media programs.

iA Writer is amongst a few writing applications designed to simply eradicate the distraction and keep the users focus in check. However, It can become boring for a few students and has been heavily criticized for its plain setup and lack of user preference settings. This, however, is what keeps you hooked on the writing process. Thus you can say farewell to procrastinating because nothing on this app will distract you from your assignment and if you wish to format the article, you can copy and paste it on another application, it is totally up to you. 


Brainstormer among the best writing apps, used for generating good writing prompts. For instance, if you have a creative writing assignment to do, but have no idea what to write about, then you must look no further than Brainstormer. 

This program was made to automatically generate wonderful ideas and storylines. It’s developed with a design in form of a  wheel that users can spin; the inner wheel presents the conflict of the story, the middle is for the general body of the story and lastly, the third wheel gives you a subject for the story. Combine these three categories and you have a well put together prompt ready to be written. There are no plans for a web-based version of Brainstormer at the moment. Only mobile and PC applications are available.


This is another wonderful app for students. Its features include storing and organizing files. It also serves as a planner/outliner. Here, the student can organize audio materials, video, web content, text, etc. The app also provides templates for many purposes such as screenplay, manuscript, etc. 

Materials saved here are easily exported to other applications for further formatting. There are no plans for a web-based version of Scrivener at the moment. Only mobile and PC applications are available.

We have been able to briefly explain some of the best apps that have been on top of the writing-services sector. Although some of these applications may not be completely free, there are those that offer a free trial period. So, if you are having trouble with storing, editing, writing, grammar, punctuation, and simply want to up your writing skills our list of top 7 best apps will be of great help to you. 

About the Author

Adam received his Bachelors of Art in Journalism from Florida University. He has been working with PaperOwl since 2012 as creative writing consultant, he managed to work with all the applications mentioned above, since he wrote a lot of articles for magazines, blogs and newspapers. Its purpose is to help readers find the perfect application that will be useful for writing.

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