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Like TV IPTV Review | 1000+ HD Channels For US,CAN,Major Sports Packages,Free 72HR Trial,No IP Lock

This is my review of Like TV which is a paid IPTV service. Cost is $22US/1 month or $55US/3 months. They also offer a 72hr free trial so you can test it with no cost to you, except for PPV not included with the free trial. Either package gives you 5 connections with no IP lock. Use the service on any device, any time, any where! Also you get over 1000+ HD channels for US and Canada including VOD, NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA sports packages, PPV, and adult channels. There is also catch up included with the top 60 US channels included. This service uses the LenoxMP app and links are below for Like TV IPTV website or if you want to download the APK. Use LenoxMP also on Android and iOS on their respective Play Stores, and also on Roku devices, and also through the web using Like TV web player. With Like TV their VOD includes over 11,000 movies(updated weekly)and over 700 TV series(updated daily). You can also contact them via their email below or on their website using a web submission. Try Like TV to see if it’s right for you!

Like TV IPTV Website:

Like TV IPTV Contact: [email protected]

Like TV IPTV Free Trial:

Like IPTV 1 Month Purchase:

Like IPTV 3 Month Purchase:

LenoxMP APK Download:

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