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How to Jailbreak Firestick (FULLY LOAD) + FREE MOVIES + FREE LIVE TV [July 2020 Guide – New Store]

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JAILBREAK FIRESTICK, FIRESTICK, tutorial will show you how to fully load your firestick or Fire TV under 5 minutes load the best software on your firestick for 100% free movies and TV shows.

Q: Why are you saying jailbreak firestick, when in fact you are loading apps?
A: The term jailbreak has been coined for the firestick on the net it’s for you guys to find my videos and content

Q: Does this work on any version of the firestick?
A: This will work on firestick 4k and firestick 2nd gen, if you are on the first generation firestick this might not work as it should, i recommend upgrading your firestick

Q: Will this update my apps automatically?
A: Yes this will auto update your apps it will prompt you and you should always update your apps on your firestick to get the most free movies and tv shows once you jailbreak your firestick

Q: Can i break my firestick doing this?
A: No, but we are not responsible what occurs on your firestick?

Q: Is this better than Kodi on firestick?
A: it depends some people prefer apps some people prefer Kodi


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