Android Games to Try in 2020

Android Games to Try in 2020

The world is moving on, and all its spheres as well. 10-15 years earlier, mobile games were of low quality, and playing shooters and other demanding games was a dream. Now, mobile phones have amazing technical characteristics that let people play comfortably. The range of genres of mobile games is huge, so every person will find the game he or she likes. Since Android is the second widespread operating system, it would be appropriate to create the list of the best Android games in 2020.

This information would be especially helpful for students. A lot of them are interested in gaming; however, they don’t have a lot of money to buy gaming computers or laptops. But they have smartphones that can be used for this purpose. Games are addictive, in a positive sense of this word, so you may not even notice how you spend all day playing them. Be aware of this effect if you’re a student. Fortunately, academic writing services will help you cope with the workload, just type: “do my homework for me, please!”


Let’s explore the games that are worth your attention.

GRID Autosport

Racing games are popular among all people of all generations. GRID is the alternative to Need For Speed in the mobile gaming world. Enjoy perfect gameplay and amazing graphics on your smartphone. Gave offers a lot of routes and cars to buy. You start a career as a professional racer and must do your best to achieve success. It’s also possible to change the settings and set the level of complexity that suits you. 

Penguin Isle

Each person needs to have an idle game on his or her smartphone. If you don’t want to try each game in search of the best one, download Penguin Isle. The essence is simple — you must raise a Penguin Isle and collect more penguins. This game is amazing for those who need to relieve stress and relax after placing an essays order: beautiful scenery and calming music let you forget about worries and concerns.


People who aren’t newcomers in gaming heard about Fortnite. This game was released in 2017 for computers and consoles. Now the Android users may enjoy playing this legendary game. The plot and the aim of players are the same: defeat zombies, build fortifications and protect them.


If adventures and puzzles attract you, Samorost is an ideal choice. The main character is a space dwarf with a flute who travels through space and tries to reach the farthest corners of this unexplored world. There are nine worlds available, so this game will help you to kill time during long-distance trips. Beautiful graphics and nice sounds will ensure complete immersion into the game world.

Alto’s Odyssey

Follow the Alto during his journey through the majestic desert sands. You’ll hover above dunes, cross the canyons, explore the towns that have long been forgotten, and run from different dangers. This game is a sequel to Alto’s Journey, but people mustn’t play them in order. Get acquainted with this world from the Odyssey if you want. 

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