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5 Ways New Online Casinos Defeat Competition Fast

5 Ways New Online Casinos Defeat Competition Fast

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If you’ve heard the story of David and Goliath, you probably have faith in underdog stories. You know small companies can defeat giants sometimes. This is especially true for online casinos.

It is a Software as a Service (SAAS) industry, and thus, whoever delivers the best product wins. Quality customer service also matters. But as we’ll reveal below, new online casinos do a lot more than provide good customer care to defeat industry giants.

Irresistible Bonuses

When most people learn about a new casino, they ask two questions. Where is it licensed? What bonuses does it offer? The first question helps ascertain it is a safe company and not a scam business.

The answer to the second question can converts uninterested gamblers into customers pretty quickly. Or it can shun them away never to return. That’s the reason the most successful casino startups have bonuses people can’t resist.

Think of cash backs, bonuses without withdrawal requirements and free spins you can use on the coolest slots. PlayOJO Casino is excellent at these offers. After launching in 2017, it figured the best way to defeat big corporations was to give out bonuses people couldn’t say no to.

Thus, the relatively new brand introduced wager free cashback bonuses. With these rewards, customers would receive a percentage of their losses as cash. People couldn’t reject the offer, which is how PlayOJO grew from a startup to a famous casino.

There are plenty of similar new online casinos out there, and you can discover some at toponlinecasinos.co.uk.  These operators are redefining what it means to provide quality casino bonuses. More importantly, they are reliable whether you want to use their apps or request customer support.

Fast Customer Service

Quality customer service works tremendously for new online casinos. That’s because the big brands are so terrible at it and their customers are constantly looking for alternatives. So, when a new business provides better care to customers, they embrace it wholeheartedly.

Unsurprisingly, new casinos that provide awful customer service don’t last long. And it’s logical when you think about it. Not many people trust new businesses. As such, a new operator that also annoys customers by being unreliable risks going out of business faster than it started.   

Crucially, quality customer service also means solving players’ pain points. If someone complains of a delayed withdrawal request, great new casinos will solve it immediately. If it relates to bonuses, the issue must also be resolved quickly. 

Quick Payouts

Many casino players know the risks of gambling. They understand they can lose sometimes. They can even lose their entire bankroll. But when they win, they expect to be paid the full amount fast.

Unfortunately, many established casinos have a payment problem. It could be bureaucratic, poor management or greed. Whatever the case, it is a reason for the downfall of some once renowned operators. 

So, how do new casinos resolve the issue of payouts? They eliminate unnecessary bureaucracies. Better yet, they are reassuring so that even if a delay is unavoidable, their customers will continue to be loyal.

Lots of Good Games

Game variety used to be an issue a decade ago. But these days, both new and established operators offer hundreds of slots and card games. In other words, it is not something companies can use to have an edge over competitors anymore.

However, there are issues regarding games that have been helping new brands attract customers fast.

  • Games from many software providers
  • Live casino games
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • A well-maintained website
  • Attractive graphics

With that in mind, new casinos that want to rise through the ranks fast need to do more than offer many games. They also must take care of their website so that players don’t experience hiccups and crash whenever they try to play.

Exceptional VIP Treatment

There’s something about VIP players that make them so valuable to casinos. Oh yeah—they spend a lot of money. And that increases operators’ bottom lines. When not treated accordingly, though, they don’t shy away from leaving.

A lot of successful new casinos not only offer generous bonuses to VIPs, but they have fantastic loyalty rewards too. For example, they might have tournaments through which players could win exotic trips.

Besides bonuses, high rollers expect quality services all-round. They want quick payouts, fast responses and a great range of games. Some new casinos have already realized these secrets, and they are now capturing high rollers’ attention left, right and centre.


Much of the information people want to know about casinos shouldn’t be private anyway. For example, everyone wants to learn the minimum they can deposit and withdraw. They also want to understand bonus policies and contacts.   

There was a time many online casinos provided so little information to the public. But gambling regulators stepped in and introduced transparency laws. These days, many operators reveal a lot of necessary information, albeit not always the want you want it.

With new casinos, transparency is a necessity. Being open about bonus policies, payment limits, and everything else helps build trust quickly. It also supports new businesses to grow fast now that people are not afraid of the unknown.

Competition Analysis

Competition comes before a new casino starts to beat the big brands. First, they learn who the big brands target. Then they assess these markets to discover what pain points players are experiencing.

If it’s something they can solve, they launch market campaigns showing how they are better than their competitors. A case in point is how many new casinos seem to be promoting their mobile apps.

They know there’s a huge demand for mobile casinos. Some of the big brands haven’t caught up yet. So, launching an app or mobile-friendly website can help steal some of their competitors’ customers.  

Competition analysis is a process. And only businesses that know how to use it effectively can appreciate its full potential. That’s because they can catch up with what others are doing better fast and emulate or even surpass them.


If new casinos seem to be getting popular than established brands, it is because they are doing something right. They’ve done research and discovered what the big brands are terrible at and are offering an effective solution. Luckily, casino players are flexible people and support any business that treats them right even if it’s small and new. 


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