Evolve Wins The Best Addon Of June!

Published on July 1, 2016

Evolve Addon Wins The Best Addon Of June!

Exodus was winning the competition for quite some time before the votes started coming in for Evolve as they powered ahead to win the best addon of June 2016. Evolve is a fantastic “All in one” addon with sections from different playlisters. It has a huge amount of content in all areas and it’s no surprise that they were voted number 1! For those of you that would like to see the addon with a tutorial on how to install it please click here

Congratulations to the Top 10 addons below!

Evolve (49%, 304 Votes)
Exodus (29%, 182 Votes)
UKTurksPlaylist (24%, 148 Votes)
Phoenix (18%, 110 Votes)
SALTS (15%, 91 Votes)
123Movies (12%, 75 Votes)
Specto (9%, 54 Votes)
HalowTV (8%, 48 Votes)
Cartoons8 (6%, 37 Votes)
VidTime (6%, 37 Votes)


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